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Lenders discouraged from opening swap positions with counterparties abroad might also bring the money home, analysts said.

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The offshore market, moreover, greases the wheels of the billions of dollars in foreign investment Turkey draws each year — direct bricks-and-mortar commitments as well as stock and bond flows.

Graphic - Forex freedom bank balance of payment: here.

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The BDDK did not respond to requests for further comment. Analysts said the move may be motivated less by the desire to lift the currency and more by a need to rebuild reserves. Investors are worried that depleted forex reserves could hamstring the response to a pending recession brought on by measures taken to halt the spread of COVID To make up for smothering offshore markets, Turkey has opened a domestic swap forex freedom bank under Borsa Istanbul.

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The restrictions could exacerbate recent forex freedom bank in overseas lira trading. But Turkey may find it harder forex freedom bank shield the lira in this manner.

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He noted Turkey remains reluctant to hike interest rates to defend the currency, instead making its seventh consecutive cut in March.

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